Twin Turbo Vette

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P9080241.jpg (131868 bytes)

Jerry's turbo corvette has been under construction for about 10 months.  

turboheaderflange.jpg (165079 bytes)

Making the  turbo headers and pipes were the first major challenge.

lowreshighmotor.jpg (62084 bytes)

Custom turbochargers where put in place to prepare for oil drain and feed lines.

P7190207.jpg (132763 bytes)

The intercooler was a hand made item that was time consuming. 

intake_and_intercooler.jpg (117529 bytes)

The next step was making and installing of the air intake and intercooler pipes.

closeturboshot.jpg (131396 bytes)

To help keep the heat from killing things the exhaust pipes have been coated and heat shields have been made.

awayintake.jpg (130992 bytes)

Making the oval intercooler pipe was the last task.

P9080241.jpg (131868 bytes)

The final picture is breathe taking.

The last steps will be to program the TEC II system and go to the dyno stay tuned for results.

There are some people and places that I would like to thank: TURBO SPECIALTIES for all of there help and resources.  Turbo Specialties made everything for this car, Turbochargers, Headers, Exhaust, Fuel, Intercooler, etc.
There are a couple of people: REED, RUSTY, WALKER, JEREMY thanks for your time and effort.  If there are any questions about this install or just just like to know a little more about this car just e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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